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Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this community. I look forward to hearing about everyone's small and BIG purchases. I absolutely adore Anthropologie even though I can't afford most of it. (That's what sales are for!) The store layout is also another thing to be marveled at. So aesthetically pleasing.

I recently splurged on this gorgeous top, corps de ballet blouse in grey and I just love how you can tie the large sash any way you want. I also own quite a few skirts but don't have any photos on me at the moment.

Also, I was wondering if this community is ever going to get a new layout soon? Some more... Anthropologie-esque, I guess?

And apologies to end on such a rude note, but I am selling an Anthropologie Button Up shirt for anyone who is interested. More information under the cut!

If you would like to see more photos, please email me at manicsoupbowl@yahoo.com or comment. :)

Anthropologie Button Up Shirt
*Worn only twice. Very cute top in great condition!
Price: $15 shipped

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