Girl Watches as Heart Becomes Bouquet of Flowers (arien) wrote in iliveforie,
Girl Watches as Heart Becomes Bouquet of Flowers

New Acquisitions

I've done a little bit of shopping over the past month. Today I went to the Anthropologie in Palm Beach, which is always loaded with rich teenagers. This mother-and-daughter team in front of me spent over $1,000. I don't think one thing was on sale.

Anyway, recently acquired stuff:
- evening slumber skirt, $85. That was way more than I wanted to pay, but I've wanted it forever, so I decided to splurge.
- black pleated skirt by Odille, $20. I can't find it on the website, but I really like it. It's very swishy.
- grand salon dress, $60. I got this for a steal because the sash was missing. It's very pretty.
- vanja poet top, black, $40. I ordered it online and the shipping was outrageous. I don't want to throw the box away because it cost me like $8. It's pretty, but I haven't found the right thing to match it with yet.
- I also bought a gorgeous purple French message board (the kind with the ribbon Xs) for $25. I waited for it to go on sale and saved a place on my wall for it.

So what do you all think of the new summer stuff? I love the dresses, but I can't wait for fall because I love dark colors.
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